Terms of business

We publish our terms of business to set-out what’s expected from both sides – us and our Clients – to develop and maintain a brilliant working relationship.

These are the terms of business of Growing Brands. Marc Hitchens is also contactable at marc@growingbrands.co.uk, or 07703 108568 and via Twitter @marchitchens. I offer help with marketing including as a copywriter within the UK and specialise in small to medium sized businesses in Swindon, Cirencester, Bath, Bristol and Malmesbury.


Growing Brands will present a statement of work to the Client, normally in the form of a brief. The Client will pay for the progress towards it in accordance with budget and the terms and conditions agreed.

Performance: Growing Brands will perform the services necessary to complete the work in a timely and professional manner. This includes writing copy for websites, blogs, presentations and sales tools. We will provide the Client with work in progress reporting on a regular basis. These reports will indicate the work activities performed, the service levels against the forecast timeline and the budget, progress against KPIs and targets, as well as any additional costs incurred in the furtherance of this work to date.

Significant deviations from the baseline scope and budget will be mutually reviewed and agreed and any changes confirmed via email, between Growing Brands and the Client and approved by both parties.

Fees, costs and payment

Payment Terms: All invoices are payable by cheque, BACS or Faster Payments transfer to reach Growing Brands no later than 30-days after the invoice date. Any third-party costs will be subject to mark-up unless specified otherwise.

Additional Costs: Fees are inclusive of expenses but exclusive of third-party purchases. It is preferable if the Client settles third-party purchases (particularly larger items) directly with the supplier. These include …
• Accommodation, travel and subsistence
• Design, artwork, media buying, print and stationery
• Exhibition, event and display material
• Market research
• Bought-in digital services and production (SEM, SEO)
• Photography and prints
• Special events, meetings, conferences etc.
• Venue hire
• Video production

Late Payment Interest: Growing Brands must be paid by Client in good time to pay its suppliers. We reserve the right to levy a percentage interest charge at the rate of 2% for late payment of invoices.


Copyright: The copyright in all design, artwork, copy and other work produced by or assigned to Growing Brands rests with us, unless duly assigned under the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988. Copyright transfers from Growing Brand to Client immediately upon payment of the relevant invoice(s).
Indemnification: Client shall indemnify, and keep indemnified, Growing Brands against any and all reasonable proceedings, claims, damages, losses, expenses or liabilities which Agency may incur or sustain as a direct or indirect result of, or in connection with, any information, representation, reports, or material supplied, prepared or specifically approved by Client. Such material shall include articles, copy, scripts, artwork, detailed plans and programmes.


Confidential Information: Growing Brands acknowledges its duty not to disclose without Client permission during or after the term of appointment, any confidential information. The Client in turn acknowledges the Agency’s right to use any general intelligence or public domain information regarding Client products or services gained during its appointment.

Authorisation: Email approval by Client of drafts or proofs will be taken by Growing Brands as authorisation to proceed, and such approval will be taken as authorisation to enter into contracts with suppliers on the basis of estimates submitted.